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Helping Health Practitioners With Patients in Need of a Sleep Test

At Complete Sleep Relief, we are dedicated to helping our providers with their in-home sleep needs. Our team services providers nationwide.

An Excellent Support Team

  • Our process is contactless, safe, and secure for all patients.
  • Your patient is tested in the comfort of their home, capturing the most natural night of sleep, and avoiding the high cost of facility testing.
  • Results of the in-home sleep study are returned to the ordering provider within 2 business days of receiving the device.
  • All in-home sleep studies are interpreted by a Board-Certified Sleep Physician. Diagnoses and treatment recommendations will be provided.
  • Patients are provided with two nights of in-home testing for better results. This includes night to night variation and to ensure enough data is collected to make a diagnosis.
  • Our office informs the patient of any out-of-pocket costs not covered by insurance prior to scheduling. We also obtain the authorizations necessary for testing.
  • Patients are contacted within 1 business day of obtaining the order.
  • Our priority is to exceed patient and client expectations of patient care and service.

Our Commitment

At Complete Sleep Relief, we provide you and your patients with convenient and cost-effective sleep testing. We are committed to providing the best patient experience possible.